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STAR 92.7 - Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites

Les Paul Google Doodle

If you missed it last week, here’s the permanent placement for the Google Doodle where you can strum away your bosses money. Just click the picture of the doodle here. Have fun!


Shall We Play A Game?

Check this website out. You can only play tic-tac-toe, BUT….. well just check it out.


Can You Do Nothing For 2 Minutes?

This new Web page features an idyllic ocean scene backed by the calming sound of gently crashing waves. “Just relax and listen to the waves,” it reads. “Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard.” An onscreen timer begins counting down from two minutes. If you try to interact — and it’s surprising how easy it is to […]


Homemade FUN With KIDS

I had a wonderful time recently playing with my 31/2 year old great niece Alayna.  I introduced her to Shadow Play. We both had a blast. All you need is a bright light (a good strong flashlight will work) and a white sheet.   Hang the sheet taut (we took a fitted sheet and stretched at around a […]


Things We No Longer Say

Here’s a list of things you might say to a kid and they would have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about: Why don’t you put a stack of “45’s” on the “hi-fi?” I can’t take your picture tonight, I forgot the “flash cubes.” Do you kids want to see a “double feature” at the “drive-in?” […]


Dads, Rockets, and Tooth Pulling? YEP!

Dad pulls a tooth, WITH A ROCKET! httpv://


Where Is My Milk From?

With the Winter Weather Advisory and School Delays today, maybe your sitting around the table with an extended breakfast. Well check out this website and find out exactly where your milk came from. Have fun and Be safe today!


    Saturday, 30 May 2015 05:24

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