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Help With Bad Breath

Wow, what did you have to eat Mr. Dragon Breath? The Times Online recently reviewed popular bad breath solutions. Some of them are tried and true, and some are based on little more than word of mouth: Tried, but not yet proven to be helpful: chewing on parsley chewing special gum eating yogurt chewing fennel […]


Spices For Health

The colder weather is beckoning us back to our kitchens. Break out the spices to bring warmth, robust flavor, and a bounty of health benefits, including higher energy, increased immunity, and other life-enhancing surprises. Here are some spices that you can start cooking with right away to elevate your longevity and health! 1 Garlic wards […]


Snacks Between Meals = Good For you!

Snacking between meals is good for you. It keeps your blood sugar levels on an even keel and prevents you from becoming so hungry that you pig out at mealtime. You can reap amazing health benefits from snacking right. Here, according to numerous studies, are the best snack foods going: A protein rich hard boiled […]


Got Milk? Or Milk It’s NOT just for Breakfast!

Got Milk? Or Milk It’s NOT just for Breakfast! (Beauty tips from Maryann Curmi) Cleopatra knew about the beautifying properties of milk: she took baths in it! Skin-softening, moisturizing, and filled with nutrients, milk has been a favorite beauty aid for millennia. Find out how milk can help you to have smoother, more radiant skin. […]



Everybody knows stuffing your face with ice cream, pizza and french fries packs on the pounds. But did you know that simply living in the suburbs makes you fat? It does. Here are 10 surprising things that expand your waistline: Gulping — Research shows that eating too fast blimps you up. Our bodies aren’t equipped […]


Water Benefits

The ideal amount of water you should drink daily isn’t eight eight-ounce glasses. That’s just a myth. The ideal amount? As much as you need to stay hydrated. No more. No less. The benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day aren’t backed by solid medical evidence. While it is clear that humans cannot […]


How To Get Your Child To Eat Their Veggies

JJ Virgin at says teaching kids to appreciate a variety of in-season veggies is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. As summer heat gives way to fall and back-to-school season, the local farmer’s market fills up with a rainbow of options. Taking your kids to the farmer’s market to help pick out […]



Why in the world does your breath smell so bad? There could be a number of causes, and most of them are easily addressed. _ You have food particles trapped in your mouth—the most common explanation. That small piece of steak lodged between your incisors is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Brush, floss, and […]



The average woman absorbs 4.4 pounds of chemicals every year from makeup! This should pretty much freak you out. According to scientists in Australia, every year, the average woman absorbs about 4.4 pounds of chemicals into her body because of her makeup. On the average day, between face creams, base, lipstick, eye shadow, hair spray […]



From (Glamour) Dying for Oreos or chips? Your body may be trying to tell you something about your diet, says Keri Glassman, R.D., a New York City nutritionist. Tune in and avoid packing on the pounds when you crave: Salty or greasy food — It could mean you’re slightly dehydrated. “Salt holds water in,” says […]

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