One At Bat

An incredible story. Watch the video below, and know that it worked! Greenberg has been signed a one day contract to play for the Miami Marlins on October 2nd. I will be watching and rooting for him. – Justin

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s moving letter to his 16-year-old self

From Yahoo Sports Comes this..

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had a life that few of us could even imagine, and there are times when even he doesn’t seem to be able to believe he is where he is. In a moving segment on “CBS This Morning,” Earnhardt reads a letter to his 16-year-old self, advising him on family, racing and confidence. It’s some powerful stuff, and it might just inspire you to think a little differently about the 88.

Click the link below to watch and listen to Jr read the letter he wrote. 5 minutes of raw emotion. Made me really reflect on my life and what I would tell my 16 yeard old self. – Justin Flores

All Pro Parents Weekend!

Hey family, It’s Justin from the Star 92.7 morning show. Hope you enjoy the weekend with your family as much as I plan to.

Ellis Jones, a standout offensive lineman at Tulsa, passed away recently.  Jones played for the Golden Hurricanes from 1942-1944 and went twice to the Sugar Bowl and once to the Orange Bowl.  “He was one of the best football players that I ever saw, in that he absolutely worked at full speed all the time,” said former Tulsa teammate and All-American quarterback Glenn Dobbs.  But what made Jones so special was not all the strength and skill he had, but what he didn’t have.  His right arm was amputated 8 inches below the shoulder after an accident when he was 11.  “It never occurred to me that I could not keep playing football,” he later told the Tulsa World. “I guess I was too dumb to think I could not do it.”  If being dumb means determining to succeed despite a handicap, we could all use a little less intelligence.

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

As Charles R. Swindoll put it, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”Each one of us is in charge of our attitudes when it comes to different hardships that we face. Watch this incredible story about a man named Nick, who lets nothing negatively influence his amazing attitude on life.