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What’s The Hottest Career Field?

It’s health care! read on and share please. Hope you’re having a great week. – Justin Flores (Star 92.7 Morning Show) this blog has been copied from the education section at Find out how you can get a job in this in-demand field. By Tony Moton A noticeable pattern has developed in the health […]


Top 12 resume disasters

Have you been submitting your resume lately?┬áHere’s the top 12 resume disasters from real resumes. You may want to make sure you are not putting something like this in yours. Candidate mentioned in his resume that he spent summers on his family’s yacht in Grand Cayman. Candidate attached a letter from his mother. Candidate used […]


Jobs That Don’t Require Degrees

While many jobs like lawyer, doctor, and professor still require degrees,, helped us pinpoint several jobs that don’t. 1. Freelance Photographer – $47,800 Non-degree jobs tend to fall into one of two categories: technical or entrepreneurial. Being a freelance photographer requires a high degree of business savvy in addition to photography skills. Depending on […]


BEWARE THE GATEKEEPER – Be Nice To The Receptionist.

When you check in with the receptionist before a job interview, remember to smile because the person behind the front desk holds more power than you think. Some companies feel a lot can be learned from how candidates treat receptionists, particularly if they’re rude, condescending or arrogant. Here are some tips: Be friendly, but formal: […]


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