A 100-year-old photo of the iceberg that experts believe is the one that sunk the Titanic is being auctioned off next month in New Hampshire by RR Auction. The black-and-white photo shows a huge iceberg with a distinctive elliptical shape, and was taken on April 12, 1912, two days before the Titanic hit the iceberg that would send it to the bottom of the North Atlantic, killing 1,502 people. It was taken by the captain of the S.S. Etonian, and bears the caption: “Copyright. Blueberg taken by Captain W.F. Wood S.S. Etonian on 12/4/12 in Lat 41 degrees 50 N Long 49 degrees 50 W. Titanic struck 14/4/12 and sank in three hours.” Although there were no photos of the iceberg before this one surfaced, two Titanic crew members drew sketches of the iceberg they saw, both of which are similar to the elliptical shape of the one in the photo. Additionally, the coordinates written on the photo are near where the wreckage of the Titanic lies on the ocean floor.

Hot Copper Car Show

Thanks to our roaming freelance photogs, Paul and Ruth Carver, for sending in another wonderful gallery of photos from the Hot Copper Car Show on Saturday May 7th. Check out the pictures here.

Your pictures of Motherlode Events are always welcome. Just email them to Justin at

Funnel Cloud Captured In Jamestown

September ended with a funnel cloud in Jamestown. Thanks to Jessica Lissner for taking these shots and sending them in to us.

Click the picture to visit the gallery of photos from the funnel cloud.

Sonora Pass Day Trip 9/28/10

My wife and I took a trip over Sonora Pass on Tuesday the 28th and the drive was just lovely. The fall colors of the pass are beginning to their thing and if you have a chance to go I suggest you do so soon. All the pictures I took can be seen by clicking the picture above , and I bet in the next few weeks the colors will be more spectacular. Enjoy the gallery of photos and if you do happen to go please send me your photos. I would love to post them.



Motherlode Wildlife!

My facebook friend and sista, Connie, posted this photo of a bull in her back yard. It got me thinking, we see so much “awesome” wildlife and spectacular views, I would like your photos to post here as well. We’ll have our own “Motherlode Wildlife Photo Gallery”. What do you say? send me your jpeg photos to and I will begin to archive them here at the site. Thanks in advance.

Justin Flores

Photo by Connie McCamey

Photo by Connie McCamey

The Tree That Split In Front Of Justin’s House

My wife was putting the chains on the car Friday morning when the tree out front of our house split! She says the sound was creepy! Here’s some pictures. If you have winter weather related pictures that you’d like to share, please email them to me at .

Had this tree split the other way, my daughter's room would've been smashed!
Had this tree split the other way, my daughter’s room would’ve been smashed!

Tree Down At House 2Tree Down At House 3 Photo By Becki FloresTree Down At House 4 Photo By Becki Flores

Progress on the Phoenix Lake Bridge

In our gallery, we have posted some great pictures of the progress of the Phoenix Lake Bridge. Thanks to Sharon Mikesell of the Tuolumne County Public Works Office for sending them in.

Click This Picture To Go To The Gallery Of Photos

Click This Picture To Go To The Gallery Of Photos