Day Trip To The Shore





It’s Justin enjoying a day at the beach. Small day use area off Hwy 1 called Pebble Beach. Not THE Pebble beach but there are tide pools with sea creatures and awesome waves. Happy Father’s day weekend.

New Melones Wildlife Pics!

Awesome pics from Glory Hole’s website. click here to check them out.

Makes me want to go stand guard with the camera now.

Some pictures were taken by Mr. Garret, who was in the news recently when his body was found near one of his favorite spots at Melones. He definitely had an eye for taking pictures at the right time.

Justin Flores

Hard To Believe Picture

Look close at the first picture and then look at the second one. It’s not a gravel road.

If you run your desktop icon over the pictures you will see what these pictures are of. Millions of fish, dead! What you see above isn’t a rural gravel road. It’s a Louisiana waterway, its surface completely covered with dead sea life — a mishmash of species of fish, crabs, stingray and eel. Even a whale was found dead in the area, a stretch of coastal Louisiana hit hard this summer by oil from BP’s busted Gulf well.

Picture Of Maryann as Cruella!

Maryann Curmi, host of the afternoon drive home show on Star 92.7, played the role of Cruella Deville this past weekend at the “Who Let The Dogs Out” event in Twain Harte. Thanks to Christine Ravely for snapping this pic for us.

Pet Pic Of The Week

From Sally, here’s the email she sent with her “Pet Pic” attached. Hope your having a wonderful week. – Justin

I caught my two tom cats having a “moment”. Ben decided Barney needed a bath apparently.  We live on acreage in the boonies so have a lot of cats dropped off along our road.  These two were both abandoned feral kittens about 7 yrs. ago.  Naturally I take them in, get them fixed and their shots ~ they in turn keep the mice and critters at bay around the property.  These two came to us about 8 mos apart but bonded immediately.  Barney & Ben are quite the pair, and were lucky to avoid the animal shelter.  Or should I say we’re the lucky ones?

    One short funny story about lil’ Ben, a couple years ago one of my neighbors was widowed, so I offered Ben to her for a companion.  She took him away in a carrier, in the back of her car, about a mile away.  Next morning he was back home at the kibble bowl in the barn.  She came and got him again, locked him in her house for several days, next time I looked out here was Ben back.  We call him our “Lassie come home kitty”.   I don’t know how he found his way, but apparently the bond he has with Barney is pretty strong.  We gave up and my neighbor went to the shelter and adopted her own cat.  I’ll never try to split these two up again.