Food That Can Help Sooth A Sun Burn

A friend of mine is nursing a sunburn these days, as I imagine many of us are. So I found these remedies that use food. Some sound really weird, but if it works. Do you have any unique ways to help with sunburns? – Justin

Here are some natural sun burn relievers:

Fresh pickles

For centuries various sorts of pickles have been used to soothe the skin, applying thin slices of pickles for about 15 minutes and repeating every few hours as necessary.


Strawberries are cooling in nature and generate body fluids which are helpful after too much fun in the sun. Make a paste from mashed strawberries and apply to burned skin.


Cucumbers have a lot of ions and minerals. To reduce the water content in the skin, slice cucumbers into thin rounds and place over puffy eyes for twenty minutes.


This has been used in baths to help soothe atopic dermatitis (eczema) and poison ivy. For proper sunburn relief, use the Aveeno oatmeal bath packets which should be put into a bath of warm but not too hot water for about 15 minutes.

Dairy products

Cold sour cream or even milk which has gone bad. “It’s a very good cooling effect for the skin.” For instance, with sour cream it’s recommended applying it directly to the sunburned area for about 15 minutes.

Green tea

“Green tea, once cooled can be applied to sunburned skin to reduce the redness,” This is scientifically proven. Or, you can place green tea in the refrigerator, put it into a spray bottle and spray it onto sun burnt skin.” After black tea bags are cooled, they’re an excellent antidote to reduce sunburned eye puffiness. Simply apply to the eyes for 20 minutes.


For skin that’s been overexposed to the sun, apply a poultice of smashed, raw potato (including the skin) to the hot, burned area of your skin. “Potato reduces inflammation and has antibiotic properties healing burns and preventing infection.”


Although they make a protein-filled meal when they’re boiled, scrambled or fried, eggs are also good for the skin. Eggs tighten your skin. “A little bit of egg treatment helps with inflammation.” “Crack an organic egg, discarding the egg white and yolk. Carefully remove the skin membrane from the shell and apply the sticky side to your burned skin.  Allow the egg skin to dry on your burn and do not get it wet for two days. Eventually the egg will dissolve and your burns will be healed.”

Corn starch

Apply corn starch powder as if it’s powder you would use on a baby’s diaper rash, only this time it’s applied to the sunburned skin. “Dust it like powder and cover [the burn], leave it on until you shower.” Leaving it on for 24 to 48 hours is suggested.


Take a head of lettuce, boil it in water, discard the leaves, and let the juice sit in the refrigerator. Next, apply the juice to cotton balls and dabbling it on to the burn and reapplying every few hours as necessary. Vitamin C has great antioxidants and it fights free radicals.