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STAR 92.7 - Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites

Friday Morning Funnies

Here’s some laughs from comedian Tim Hawkins. Have a great weekend! – Justin



Geepers, we are not even allowed to bring a blow horn at the games at Standard fields. – Justin


Yosmite’s Night Sky

This video is just amazing. Press play and relax. – Justin



Impromptu performance will no doubt land this girl in the U.S.A and possibly on Star 92.7 someday! Watch the video. – Justin


How NOT to avoid School Buses!

A Cleveland, Ohio woman who has reportedly been driving onto the sidewalk to avoid waiting for the school bus has been caught in the act. Witnesses told police that the woman’s violation is a daily occurrence at East 38th Street. The school bus driver recorded the woman on his cell phone and contacted police, who […]


Grandma Dances To Usher

This is great. Can your grandma do this?


Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

This is a great video. I want to do this! – Justin ?hd=1


Caines Arcade (Warm & Fuzzy Video)

Man, I cried and had the biggest goose bumps ever! – Justin ?hd=1


Bugs In The Air!

Have you ever thought about how bugs and insects get from one place to another? Sure, lots of them crawl, but what about those that fly? How far do they travel and how high can they really fly? This short video shows how high some insects fly and just what might be flying over your […]


The REAL Dancing Star! :)

Had youtube been around when I this age, I am sure my aunts would’ve done this to me. Kid does have some moves though. – Justin httpv://

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