Motherlode Weekend Events and a TIP!

Hey there, hope you have a fabulous weekend. Be sure to check out the community calendar if you don’t have plans. There’s plenty going on. Click here.

and here’s a tip I read, if you’re heading out for a picnic, outdoor concert or movie, then drop a shower curtain liner under the blanket to keep your tush from getting soggy. cool huh?

With Love,


Enjoy The Weekend, Get Ready To Win Fair Tickets Monday!

Here’s hoping you have a supreme weekend. I will be pitching the tents in the backyard with the kids, roasting marshmellows and playing games around the fire. There are some great Motherlode events taking place. Check out the community calendar here. See you Monday morning at 5:30, and I’ll have Motherlode Fair tickets up for grabs too.



Weekend Weather, Events, and Fear Factor?

Yeah, it will be wet this weekend, yes there are events in the Motherlode for you and family to enjoy and yes, NBC has ordered a new season of the hit show Fear Factor. Here are the links pertaining to each.

First, the weather.

Second, the events calendar.

and Third, the story on Fear Factor. You know you want to apply.

Have a fun weekend!