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It’s Justin Flores from the Star Morning Show. We hope you enjoy the new look to the website and it’s many features. You’ll notice that you can now see what song is currently playing at the top of the page. The tabs located at the top of the page will help you navigate the site as well.  In the left column of the page you will notice the latest blogs that have been posted. It is our goal to have some fun and inform you daily with tidbits of information. You have opportunities to give your input as well, If you become a registered user to the website then you can comment on any of the blogs. Please remember to be nice! We are here to have fun and share our lives with you. The latest local news headlines from MyMotherlode.com are to your right, followed by the latest in Entertainment and Music news. Take our non-scientific polls and much more. I do hope you find this site useful and bookmark it as a favorite and check back regularly, if not daily. Email me with any questions you may have at justin.flores@mlode.com