Did you know Mrs. Butterworth has a first name? An Illinois woman did and won a national contest. The contest was called, “Can You Guess Mrs. Butterworth’s First Name?” Cynthia Harmon of Champaign, Illinois knew Mrs. Butterworth was born in the early 1960’s, so she began to research. She looked at popular baby names in the 1960’s, and read that breakfast time was a big family tradition. After all of the research, she came up with the name Joy. The reason that clinched her the win was, “As mom’s were getting ready for school they wanted to bring a little joy in their hearts before they went off on their day.” The contest came down to two women out of thousands, and Harmon and another woman took home the prize. They won five hundred dollars and a case full of Mrs. Butterworth syrup.

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  1. Awwww… Makes me feel guilty that the kids barely get up and have cereal- no “Joy” per se but they do get to sleep in…

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