Tweeting Everything!

A Missouri woman giving birth kept her Twitter followers updated every step of the way Tuesday. Candy Tai’s first post at 1:51am read: “Off 2 have a baby! This kid wants out NOW!” Once at the hospital she tweeted, “Contractions coming on strong….baby soon! Kids in room with me watching Bolt!” She also wrote about not using any pain medication: “1st time without pain meds..what was i thinking?!” Finally, she posted an update showing her newborn: “Fresh baked baby! Jacob David arrived at 6:59 a.m.” She attached a picture of her newborn son.

Would you be able to tweet through the delivery? – Justin

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  1. ROFL- NO! I was a little upset and had difficulty talking to my sister on the phone when my Mom called her a few minutes after I gave birth- at least I think it was a few minutes… it took me an hour before I realized that my husband might want to hold the baby too… LOL!

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