Free Food Friday for The Willow or Cibo Famiglia!

We’ll ask: ‘What Signature Appetizer has made The Willow so Popular?’ 

Answer: Cheese Fondue!!

PS  This give away is between 7-8 am on 12-15!

“My wife and I were looking for a good sit down restaurant in the Gold Country. So we asked the locals and they all suggested the Willow. So we tried it. All I can say is this…. TRY THE SALMON!!! They also have fondue!!!! My wife had the Cobb Salad. The bacon they used is out of this world! If you are tired of tourist food I strongly suggest the Willow. It is a MUST TRY for you Gold Country dinning experience!”



We’ll ask “What Does Cibo Famiglia Translate to?”

Answer: Food * Family

PS This give away is between 8-9 am on 12-15!

“I really enjoyed being there. The dinner salad was beautiful, fresh, with the most amazing tomatoes I’ve ever had. Thankfully there was a “wheat free” spaghetti bolignese. It’s so nice to have a pasta dish that works in my food plan. So tasty. Great flavor in the sauce. The staff were charming, attentive and all smiles. I had a great time.”

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