Patch Adams Coming To The Mother Lode


Resiliency Village is a non-profit organization based in rural Tuolumne County, Sonora, California. With fifty-plus years of educational experience, the Village’s Executive Team recognizes the importance of a trauma-healing, housing-first approach to homelessness. Incorporating these with wrap-around services, traditional and non-traditional therapies, work training, health and wellness, nonviolent communication, and mindfulness, among other things, the Village grows daily, not only the Villagers but also the Executive Team and staff. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to learn how better to serve our Villagers and the unsheltered community through every experience we encounter.


After two covid-related cancellations in the last two years, Resiliency Village is finally holding our first major fundraiser, the “Village Faire Gala.” The fundraiser is planned for Sept 24th, 2022, starting at 5:00 pm and will be held on the Resiliency Village site. The evening will feature a lovely meal, music with Skull Country, magic via Kevin Axtell, storytelling by BZ Smith, and a featured speaker presentation by Patch Adams.

For those who don’t know Patch, he is a modern-day hero. He’s a doctor and a longtime peace and human rights activist. He has performed and shared his vision for health care reform in seventy countries throughout his career. Equipped with colorful clothing and a heart for compassion, he and his friends have visited hospitals, orphanages, and homes for the elderly. In his years since medical school, Patch has never charged for medical treatments. His integration of healing arts, performing arts, arts and crafts, nature, agriculture, education, recreation, and social services align well with the mission and philosophies of Resiliency Village.

Resiliency Village is honored to bring him to Tuolumne County.


Tickets for the Village Faire Gala can be purchased on their website,


Written by Shelley Muniz


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