Stuff The Bus

Saturday, November 5th
, 9 AM – 4 PM
Sonora Wal-Mart
Winter brings challenges for those without adequate shelter and
clothing. The “Stuff the Bus” project allows our community to support
people in need by providing the necessities for comfort and survival.

Please consider donating the following:
Jackets * Sweaters * Rubber boots * Gloves
Hats and beanies * Leggings * Warm socks * Long Johns
Tarps * Blankets * Sleeping bags * Sleeping pads * Tents
Hand warmers * Personal hygiene items
Flashlights * Batteries * Propane canisters

Sponsored by:

Resiliency Village, Nancy’s Hope, Lambert Center, Interfaith
Chicken Ranch Rancheria

Call (209) 352-7763 for more information

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