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Household Tips

Thanks to this article, Here are 8 Old-Time Solutions to modern domestic problems. When it comes to keeping house, our grandmothers had it figured out—and they did so on a dime! We don’t have to look farther than the vintage copies of the Farmer’s Almanac, Reader’s Digest, and a household cleaning book circa 1950 for […]


Alternate Uses For Coffee Filters

Ever buy the wrong size coffee filters? Instead of bringing them back to the store, here’s some other uses I found for them. Even if they aren’t the wrong size for your coffee maker, they can still be a perfect solution to many small problems around the house. Use them to clean your cable connectors. […]



Winter’s just around the corner. While closed windows and doors are a no-brainer when it comes to keeping in the heat, they can also trap unpleasant household smells. So, here’s a quick lesson in odor removal (MSN):  • Let’s start with a little instant dry cleaning for old clothes: Put a small amount of vodka […]


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