A British woman who stole a ferry while proclaiming to police officers, “I’m Jack Sparrow,” has been sentenced to 112 days in prison. The woman, Alison Whelan, was allegedly drunk for two days and on hallucinogen nightshade when she stole the Dart Princess ferry last year. Before she made off with the boat, though, Whelan called an ambulance because she thought she was having a seizure. When police arrived, she decided to cast off, shouting to police, “I’m Jack Sparrow.” Police, the coast guard and a local lifeboat service chased the ferry for more than an hour before they were able to take Whelan into custody. During the chase, the boat sustained about $2,430 in damages. An operations manager for Paignton Pleasure Cruises — which owns the ferry boat — said, “The fact is that, had circumstances been different tide-wise, it could have been serious. She could have seriously been injured had it gone out of the river.” (Huffington Post)

Here’s Whalen’s Mug Shot: