Are You A Charmer?

Ladies Home Journal writer Margaret Renkl identifies the five traits of charming people:

  1. A Sense of Humor – More important than poise or social ease, being funny attracts people like magnets. Make someone laugh, and you’ll have an admirer.
  2. Insight and Passion – A charming person has a unique ability to be fully engaged in the moment. They tend to be highly intelligent, curious and creative.
  3. Effortless Social Grace – Your mother called it poise. A poised person knows exactly what to do and what to say in every social situation, no matter how awkward or strange.
  4. An Interest in Others – A charming person is a sparkling conversationalist. When a charming person asks another, “How are you?” she really wants to know the answer. “Fine” isn’t enough of a response. She asks about the other person’s life. How are the children doing? Is your sick mother getting better? There is sincere, not feigned, interest.
  5. Curiosity About the World – Being deeply curious about all things is a trait of charming people — from trying new foods to reading books to meeting people. They always want to know more, and that attitude is contagious in that it inspires in others a sensation of energy, deeper engagement and greater curiosity.

What do you think is the most charming thing a person can do?  Share with friends and have a great week! – Justin

Guys wanna get on the good side of your lady?

Then clean up the house and do the laundry. A survey found that women felt they did most of the work at home compared to men. And they said guys will score more point with their mates by doing household chores rather than taking them for romantic, wine dinner or weekend trips. “Modern men are clearly missing the trick,” explains psychologist Cary Cooper. “If they take a little more time to help out their partners with the ironing, they will reap the rewards in the long run and earn a lot of brownie points. “Many women are still working the double shift, doing the household chores and having a career whereas men still have a working role primarily. “What women obviously want to see is somebody who will do chores but also have an active domestic role in the family.”

Please share this and make sure your guy reads it. You just might come home to a clean house. – Justin

Resurrect Romance Week

August 9-15 is Resurrect Romance Week. Here are some simple tips for men to become more romantic, according to the book “Living Romantically Everyday.”

  • Make a list — Make a list of the special days on the calendar that you celebrate together, such as the day you met, your yearly anniversary, or even the anniversary of your first kiss.
  • Toast to her — Toast each other when you sit down to dinner. It doesn’t need to be over bubbly or wine, but even a glass of water or iced tea. Tell her something you love about her and then drink to it!
  • Reach out and touch her — Use the power of touch to make a lasting impression throughout the day.
  • Create a photo album — Take pictures often; don’t save the camera for holidays and special occasions. Create a visual scrapbook of your everyday life together.
  • Take note of significant things — Set something aside for her every day. It might be a newspaper article you read during your commute, a link to a web site you came across, or even a story you heard by the office water cooler.
  • Be thoughtful — Do something thoughtful for her every day. Whether it’s making her a cup of coffee in the morning, sticking a surprise note in her bag, or leaving her a chocolate “kiss” on her pillow before bedtime.
  • Keep up your appearance — Let her see you at your best. It’s ironic that we dress up to meet total strangers but let ourselves go around our nearest and dearest. Most women love to see their men clean-shaven, in great clothes and perhaps wearing a hint of her favorite cologne.
  • Tell her about your moods — Be honest if you are feeling stressed or under the weather. Your woman will appreciate your honesty and will know not to take it personally when you come home in a bad mood.
  • Discuss your day — Sit down together when you get home and relate your daily experiences. The best thing about spending time apart is that it makes you appreciate each other more.

Question: Ladies, what would you like to add to this list? Something taken off?


Since the days of Adam and Eve, gals have known one thing with certainty — men don’t have a clue. And, no doubt, guys feel the same way about women. But Barbara and Allan Please, authors of “Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes,” have some advice that can help both sexes get a grip on what’s going on and make a lasting love connection. Here’s a test for the ladies. Do you agree with these statements about your relationships with men?

  • Nagging will pay off in the long run — No. Stop nagging and re-train him. Leave his dirty shorts and wet bath towel on the floor until he figures out they don’t wash themselves. He’s not stupid, only lazy.
  • He should enjoy shopping as much as you do — Never. Men find shopping stressful. But he can be trained if you go “hunting” for only one item. It’s like bagging game. And keep shopping jaunts to 30 minutes or less with no browsing.
  • Without a remote to channel surf, he’s lost — True. Accept this fact. If it drives you crazy, get another TV and snuggle down with your pet and a good tearjerker.
  • They’re stupid not to ask for directions — Wrong. Incredibly, men have an innate ability to find their way without asking for help. But it can’t hurt to keep a map in the car. If you’re really lost, ask for a potty break and he can get directions without admitting he’s up the creek without a paddle.

Guys how much do you know about women? See if you agree or disagree with these statements.

  • She wants you to solve her problems — Wrong. Instead of instructing and problem-solving, listen and be supportive. Believe it or not, women can, and do, figure out solutions to their difficulties. All they need is your support and a hug.
  • Women have too many shoes — Never. Accept it. There’s no such thing as too many shoes. Stop counting and find something else to obsess about.
  • Women make such a big deal over the toilet seat being up — True. If you’ve never fallen into a toilet in the middle of the night, you won’t understand why it’s such a big deal. The perfect solution is his and hers toilets. If this can’t be arranged, be gallant and put the seat down.
  • They beat around the bush, instead of getting to the point — True. Men and women communicate on different levels. You want her to get to the point, and she will — eventually. Sit back, nod and agree, don’t offer any solutions since you don’t have a clue and give her a big smooch when she’s done.

Now that we ALL know the answers, let’s work harder to make our relationships better. – Justin


According to, here are three simple things many women are looking for in a relationship with their men…

[1] A man who understands her. Take the time to discover and understand your woman’s moods, interests and temperament. Remember: honest communication is the key to any successful relationship.

[2] A man who knows when to take control – and give it up. You’re going to have to flip flop on this one and know when to do so. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side now and then.

[3] A man with an air of mystery. Maintaining a mystique will make your relationship last well past the early stages. Just know when to stop playing games for the sake of intrigue.

Sounds easy enough but I’m sure I’ll miss the mark on this one too – Justin